Drive 24-7 Breakdown Cover Review

A New And Competitive Breakdown Service

Drive 24-7 Breakdown Cover

  • Average response time of 37 minutes.
  • Price from as low as £3.34 per month.
  • UK and EU breakdown services.
  • 6 Breakdowns per vehicle.

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Great Value Breakdown Services with Excellent Benefits

Drive 24-7 is quickly becoming one of the best offers on the market for Breakdown Cover. The company promises to offer clear and comprehensive policies, starting with prices as low as £3.34 per month, you will get more options than with many other breakdown services.

Why Choose Drive 24-7 Breakdown Cover?

Drive 24-7 offers two types of Breakdown Cover: A UK version and a EU version. At £39.99 and £59.99 per year respectively, you will get a whole host of benefits including roadside assistance, national recovery, onward travel and many more. Have a look below for a comprehensive list of all the benefits. Drive-24-7-Breakdown-Cove-2

Benefits Of Drive 24-7 Breakdown Cover:

  • Roadside assistance – They will pay the call-out charge and up to one hour’s labour costs for one of the approved repairers to attend the scene of the breakdown. This includes punctures and flat batteries .
  • Homestart – They will pay the call-out charge to your doorstep/home address and up to one hour’s labour costs for one of the approved repairers. If a repair is not possible they will tow your vehicle up to 10 miles to the nearest garage.
  • National recovery – If your vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside then they will pay the cost of recovery of the vehicle driver and up to 8 passengers to the nearest suitable garage, onward destination or home address.
  • An average response time of 37 minutes – Drive24-7 contracts an independent network of over 6000 recovery agents/repairers nationwide which is why their response times are amongst the best in the industry.
  • 6 Breakdowns per vehicle – Drive24-7 includes up to 6 call outs per year for each vehicle on your policy.

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Drive 24-7 Breakdown Cover Quote

Along with their competitive prices and great benefits, the up-and-coming company are also known for the their quick response times. This is because they use a network of independent repairers nationwide. So if you like the personal touch, and supporting small businesses while still ensuring the reliability of a larger company, Drive24-7 could be the provider for you. To find out more head to the Instant Quote section on their website.