KwikFit Car Insurance Cover Review

Your Kwik Fit Breakdown Cover Will Include

Kwik Fit Breakdown Cover

  • 24/7 cover, all year long.
  • A starting price as low as £17.80 per year.
  • Average waiting time of 40 minutes.
  • £10 reward if your patrol takes more than one hour to arrive.

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High Quality Service From The Car Repair Experts

Kwik Fit is one of the leading auto- repair companies in the UK, so you know you can trust them when it comes to fixing your car. Their breakdown cover –provided by Call Assist Ltd- makes full use of their trusted network of more than 5,000 technicians who will be ready to assist you 24/7.

Why Choose Kwik Fit Breakdown Cover?

As well as offering an excellent starting price of £17.80 a year, Kwik Fit is ready to reimburse you £10 any time a repair patrol takes more than one hour to come and find you. This combination of value and speed is what makes so many customers loyal to Kwik Fit.


Benefits Of Kwik Fit Breakdown Cover

  • Cover available 24 hours a day, any day of the year
  • Average waiting time of 40 minutes
  • Over 5,000 trained mechanics available all the time – all you need to do is give a call to Kwik Fit on their UK-based, 24 hour call centre.
  • £10 reward if not reached within 1 hour
  • Starting price for a policy as low as £17.80 a year

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Kwik Fit Breakdown Cover Quote

Kwik Fit is a trusted name when it comes to car repairs, so you can be sure that they will take Breakdown Cover seriously. Since they offer multiple packages (the cheapest one starting at £17.80 a year) it’s worth visiting their website for an online quote. It’s free and easy to do in seconds.