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We all know that if you want to drive on UK roads, it’s a legal requirement that you buy insurance. The trouble is, this can be an expensive and confusing process, with so many providers and policy types to choose from! These range from Third Party Only, the lowest level of cover legally available, to Comprehensive, which should give you peace of mind for any range of situations. Along with that, you’ll need to factor in the services that may or may not be included in standard policies or tagged on as optional extras. These include No Claims Discount, the option of a Courtesy Car, Breakdown Cover and so on.   As if all that wasn’t enough, it’s also worth thinking about yourself as a driver! Whether you’re a young driver or over fifty, whether you’re looking for a family policy or single cover, your personal details can all play a huge part in determining the cover you need and the price you’ll pay for it. Don’t worry though – here at, we’ve collected reviews and comparisons for every major insurance provider, neatly arranged so that you can easily find what you need.   So whether you’re looking for insurance on a specific type of vehicle, for a certain type of driver or driving situation, we’re here to help. Have a look at the A-Z of Car Insurance Reviews and get no obligation quote today. We are also constantly updating the Car Insurance Voucher Codes, where you will be able to access a list of the latest discounts, promotions and voucher codes to help you save money on your quote.

AA Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

AA Car Insurance Logo

The Reference for Car Breakdown Cover

If you already trust the AA for their excellent car breakdown cover policy, insuring your vehicle with them will seem like the natural progression. However, new customers will also benefit from interesting add-ons such as a free year of breakdown cover. In addition the AA offers a Telematic car insurance for new drivers, and even a policy especially designed for women drivers.

Why choose AA Car Insurance?

With a five star rating from Defaqto and a well-known reputation to maintain, you can be certain that AA Car Insurance will try its best to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market. A 3 month survey showed that 30% of AA Car Insurance customers pay less than £195 for their car breakdown cover. Just one of many reasons to get your cover from this British institution. Read More on AA Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»

Admiral Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

A Name Famous for its Multicar Cover:

With over 20 years of experience, Admiral Car Insurance is a renowned and trusted brand. The company can proudly claim to insure 3 million drivers in the UK, and for most people, its multicar policy will offer one of the best deals around. However, Admiral also offer competitive deals for singlecar cover, along with excellent benefits on standard policies.

Why Choose Admiral Car Insurance?

Whether you are a young driver or more experienced, Admiral may be the best option thanks to its competitive pricing. Admiral Car Insurance offers single car policies starting at £281 per car, while the multicar insurance benefits starts as low as £227 per car. Read More on Admiral Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»

Age UK Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

Car Insurance Catered To Those Later In Life

While some car insurance companies impose an upper age limit on policyholders, Age UK not only has no upper age limit, meaning you can continue to get motor insurance cover, well into your nineties – it prides itself on being a company designed specifically to suit the needs of policyholders over the age of fifty. Because their policies are intended for older drivers, they do not unfairly increase the price of their policies solely based on age, which means that you can trust that a policy from Age UK will be outstanding value for money.

Choose Age UK Car Insurance?

If you are looking for car insurance tailored to the more mature and experienced driver, , Age UK is an excellent place to start. There are no hidden administration, , adjustment, cancellation, or duplicate document fees, no interest will be added for choosing to pay monthly, and no ‘Direct Debit Fee’ should you choose to pay monthly. With customer service designed to assist you as much as possible for no extra charge, you can rely on Age UK providing you with a policy that really gives you both peace of mind and value for money. Read More on Age UK Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»

Aviva Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

A Trusted Name with Five-star Customer Service:

As the sixth biggest insurance company in the world, Aviva can afford to offer their customers extremely competitive prices on car insurance. The 20% online discount adds to the appeal for those who want a trusted name to insure their vehicles. But it's in the area of customer service that Aviva arena really stands out from the stiff competition.

Why Choose Aviva Car Insurance?

With a 5* Defaqto rating and a worldwide reputation to maintain, Aviva is pushed to offer great deals on their car insurance along with sterling customer service. The A 24/7 claim line is included even in standard cover, illustrating Aviva's dedication to their customers. you can even benefit from a UK Personal Claim Manager, who will guide you through every step of the claims process. If you're considering insuring a second car, it's worth knowing that 30% of Aviva customers will get a rebate of up to a 1/3 off the price. Read More on Aviva Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»

AXA Car Insurance Review and Quote 2018

The Go-to Company for Experienced Drivers

With over 300 years of history, Axa have the unusual prestige of a car insurance broker which has been in existence for longer than cars! No wonder then, that they have a reputation for trustworthy, reliable service. Axa are a safe bet, particularly for experienced, careful, and older drivers.

Why choose AXA Car Insurance?

Axa offer a range of comprehensive policies, with optional extras such as breakdown cover, legal cover, and the option to protect your no claims discount. The website is clear and easy to use, and when you choose a policy you can print the documents straight away instead of waiting for the post. You can also make changes to your policy online for no extra fee. Read More on AXA Car Insurance Review and Quote 2018»

Bell Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

A Competitive Option for New Drivers

While most insurance companies base their policies for new and young drivers on broad statistics; an 18-year-old driver is three times more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident than their 48-year-old equivalent, so policies for 18-year-olds are naturally higher – Bell offers Plug & Drive black-box technology. This monitors the style of your driving, and if you prove that you are a safe driver during the first three months of your policy, Bell will discount your initial quote when you renew your policy

Why Choose Bell Car Insurance?

For the first three months of your policy, you fit an easy to install black-box into your car, which then monitors your driving style. During this three month period, you receive regular email updates on your driving ability, and the emails give you advice on how to improve your driving score. This score is what decides whether you get policy discounts at the end of the three month period. Bell have three requirements to decide whether you are eligible for the Plug & Drive policy – a car value of over £750, a premium of over £650, and mileage over 1900. Read More on Bell Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018» Car Insurance Review

Find the Best Deal, Hassle-free with Confused Car Insurance

As the UK’s first ever comparison site, has become an invaluable tool when searching for car insurancein many of our lives. Simply enter your details, and it sorts through data on over 138 trusted car insurance providers to bring you the best deal. With the current mobile app, it’s even easier to compare on the go.

Why Choose

If, like many of us, you don’t have the time to trawl through endless car insurance websites, then could make life much easier. Along with its price comparisons, the site reviews trends in car insurance prices across the country every three months. They’ve also researched and promoted telematics technology to keep quotes down for safe drivers. Read More on Car Insurance Review»

Debenhams Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

The Retail Giant Now Providing Car Insurance

Debenhams Car Insurance might be new on the scene, but their focus on simplicity and transparency will be attractive to many drivers. They check every application thoroughly, to ensure they can reduce premiums, and above all, save you money.

Why Choose Debenhams Car Insurance?

As a leading department store, Debenhams have a reputation for great customer service to maintain, and they do this in their car insurance. They offer the standard Comprehensive Policy, Third Party Policy, and Third Party Fire & Theft Policy, all of which come. All of with a courtesy caras standard, and other benefits such as 90 days of EU driving cover. Read More on Debenhams Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»

Diamond Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

Diamond Car Insurance

Insurance designed just for women

Diamond Car Insurance prides itself on specialising in cover just for women, and includes benefits in their policies that are not usually provided by other companies, such as handbag cover and child car seat cover up to £300. Launched in 1997 as part of the Admiral Group, Diamond has been providing competitive cover for women of all ages, with customer services open seven days a week.

Why choose Diamond Car Insurance?

With flexible payments and the ability to add a partner to your policy, Diamond Car Insurance is perfect for the modern day woman. Their flexible payment options allow you to either pay monthly, or save 10% if you pay annually in one lump sum. They offer competitive prices for newer drivers, and have a bonus accelerator policy which allows you to earn a year’s no claim bonus in just ten months. If you have two or more cars, Diamond recommends the Admiral MultiCar insurance policy from their sister company for a MultiCar Discount. Read More on Diamond Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»

Elephant Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

No Nonsense, Great Value, Straight Forward Car Insurance

As the longest running online car insurance seller, Elephant Car Insurance prides themselves on providing you with quality customer service, and, in their own words, they will sell you “no nonsense, great value, straight forward car insurance”. There are no gimmicks, and with an easy to use website you will find the car insurance buying process simple and straight forward, just like they promise.

Why choose Elephant Car Insurance?

With a wide range of policy upgrades, Elephant Car Insurance policies can be tailored for whatever suits you best. Even as standard, Elephant offer a number of benefits that ensure you are getting comprehensive cover for a great price, including Sports Cover for theft or damage of equipment up to £300, and European Cover for up to 90 days. They offer insurance buying guides on their website, which offer free advice to drivers of all ages. Read More on Elephant Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»

Endsleigh Car Insurance Review And Insurance Quote 2018

A Focus On Young Drivers And Learners

Endsleigh Motor Insurance is recommended by the National Union of Students (NUS). If you are insuring your first car, you should really check whether their Student Car Insurance or Young Driver Car Insurance could be right for you.

Why choose Endsleigh Motor Insurance?

Whether you are renewing your car insurance or getting a quote for the first time, there are many benefits to choosing Endsleigh. Saving 10% on servicing or 20% off MOT costs should be an incentive for all types of drivers. Read More on Endsleigh Car Insurance Review And Insurance Quote 2018»

Hastings Direct Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

A High Level of Customer Satisfaction

While many car insurers proudly display their 5* Defaqto rating , Hastings Direct go even further by openly showing their customer’s opinions from Trustpilot. A quick read through the comments on their website will reveal a high level of customer satisfaction, from drivers who have managed to save money to those who have successfully claimed after an accidentgone

Why Choose Hastings Direct?

Hastings Direct is the only insurer to offer half price MOT vouchers for Halfords Autocentre with all their quotes. This is already a great deal, but Hastings Direct have many more options to save money. For instance, customers get 10% off each extra car insured on the multi car policy. There is also flexibility in regards to payment, with many customers choosing to pay in monthly instalments. Read More on Hastings Direct Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»

John Lewis Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

Competitive Policies and a Great Online Discount

For new customers to John Lewis Car Insurance, the 15% online discount could be a deciding factor. Their standard policy also includes some interesting benefits that you won't find with other insurers, such as, emergency taxi cover and Vehicle ID theft cover.

Why choose John Lewis Car Insurance?

Firstly, because you could save money by buying online. But John Lewis Car Insurance also offers a tempting comprehensive policy. The extras are competitively priced, with a legal yearly option starting as low as £24, and a yearly car breakdown cover from only £40. The 75% No Claims Bonus will no doubt entice safe drivers looking for rewards. Read More on John Lewis Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»

M&S Bank Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

A Trusted Name Now Offering Car Insurance

M&S Bank is the latest venture in the Marks & Spencer franchise and it is worth learning more about their car insurance deals, especially if you are a M&S cardholder.If that's you M&S Bank Car Insurance guarantees to beat your renewal quote by at least £50 .

Why Choose M&S Bank Car Insurance?

While the Standard Cover offers great benefits, the Premier offer claims to provide savings of up to £350. This includes UK and EU breakdown cover worth £270. Whether you are a M&S cardholder or not, it's worth looking at the free extras you will get with the Premier Cover Read More on M&S Bank Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»

Marmalade Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

The Reference For Young Drivers, Learners And New Drivers

Marmalade Car Insurance focuses on young drivers, learners and new drivers. If the premiums you are quoted are too expensive, you should check their special offers. These include cover from £70 for 30 days with their Learner Insurance for option.

Why Choose Marmalade Car Insurance?

If you are new on the road, your options for car insurance are somewhat limited. This is exactly why Provisional Marmalade has created insurance that covers learners, young drivers or new drivers. With Marmalade, you can to find a good deal and get out on the road in just a few clicks. Read More on Marmalade Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»

Post Office Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

The Most Famous Name on the High Street

Some might be surprised to see that The post Office offers car insurance, but they might be even more surprised to see the benefits. Their Comprehensive, Third party & Theft and third party policies all include excellent coverage.

Why Choose Post Office Car Insurance?

It is quick and easy to apply for your Car insurance with the Post Office. You can pay by credit or debit and choose to pay in monthly instalments or all at once. You can also tailor your car insurance to your needs by adding Breakdown Cover from the RAC, Motor Legal Protection and Keycare protection. Read More on Post Office Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»

RAC Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

A Trusted Name for Short and Long Term Car Insurance

RAC Car Insurance is committed to finding out the best deals for all their customers. In fact, 10% of their customers pay less than £145 a year for their car insurance. Their wide range of policies makes the company an attractive option if you have a clear idea of what you're looking for.

Why Choose RAC Car Insurance?

RAC offers a very diverse range of policies. Whether you own a Classic car, multiple vehicles or want to insure your car by the day, chances are you will find a flexible deal that works for you. If you have kept a No Claims Bonus for 9 years or more, you can save up to 70% on their standard policy. Read More on RAC Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»

Saga Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

The Reference For 50+ Car Insurance

Saga Car Insurance specialises in covers for drivers aged 50 and over. The insurer currently holds a 5* Defaqto rating and is also a Which? recommended provider. If you are aged 50 and over, you could to buy their comprehensive cover for as little as £117 a year.

Why choose Saga Car Insurance?

All of Saga’s policies are designed to give extra peace of mind to 50+ drivers. You can retain your No Claims Discount even in the event of vandalism, or if you're hit by an uninsured driver. You can also save up to 70% on your car insurance if you hold a No Claims Discount for more than three years. Read More on Saga Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»

Sainsbury’s Car Insurance Review

The Best Option for Sainsbury’s Shoppers

Although Sainsbury’s might not be the first name you think of when considering car insurance, you might be in for a great deal. This is especially true if you are already a loyal Sainsbury’s customer. With your Nectar Card, you will benefit from savings on shopping or fuel.

Why Choose Sainsbury’s Car Insurance?

You will get a guaranteed courtesy car when yours is being repaired and free breakdown cover provided by Greenflag. If you are a regular Sainsubry’s customer, the benefits are almost too numerous to mention. If you spend £100 on groceries a week, the Premier Cover will double your Nectar Points, which will amount to savings of at least £150 a year. Read More on Sainsbury’s Car Insurance Review»

Swiftcover Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

The Fastest Insurers on the Market

Priding themselves on finding your policy quickly and easily, Swiftcover are a perfect choice for busy people. Though their UK based help teams are on hand, Swiftcover are great for the internet savvy customer, with a full web service meaning you can not only buy your policy, but change and renew it online, free of charge. You can even track the progress of claims.

Why choose Swiftcover Car Insurance?

Although Swiftcover process their policies at speed, this doesn't stop them ensuring that the policies themselves are detailed and don't compromise on quality. Their comprehensive insurance offers all the essentials, including windscreen repair and protection for your car stereo. Read More on Swiftcover Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»

Swinton Car Insurance Review

A Wide Range of Policies for All Kinds of Drivers

Swinton Car Insurance has 50 years experience in providing clients with the cover they need. They offer a wide range of policies, including policies designed especially for imported cars, classic cars, modified cars and even convicted drivers. The £50 gift is a nice incentive, and the 20% online discount will also be attractive to many.

Why Choose Swinton Car Insurance?

Swinton Car Insurance will look for the best deal for you depending on your personal circumstances or the type of car you drive. For example, if you are a young or newly qualified driver, you will be able to pay in monthly instalments to spread the cost of your car insurance. Read More on Swinton Car Insurance Review»

Tesco Bank Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

Combine Savings on Insurance and Shopping

Since Tesco is one of the UK’s most successful retailers, and now banks, you can expect their car insurance to crossover with other benefits in your daily life. If you are holder of one of their many car insurance policies and own a Clubcard for example, you will be able to save money on both your groceries and fuel.

Why Choose Tesco Bank Car Insurance?

If you shop and buy fuel at Tesco, , this might seem an obvious choice.Tesco offer some competitive packages with the option to tailor your insurance policy to fit your specific needs. The two options for young drivers aged 17-25 are also very attractive and could help you save money on your first car insurance policy. Read More on Tesco Bank Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»

The Co-operative Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018

A 5* Car Insurance at Great Value Starting Prices

The Co-Operative Car Insurance offer great value prices for as little as £116 a year. In fact this is the price that 10% of their new customers end up paying. Their car insurance holds a 5* Defaqto rating , so you know you can trust their quality service.

Why Choose The Co-Operative Car Insurance?

The Co-Operative Car Insurance offers excellent benefits with their standard cover. You could get a 50% discount on your car breakdown cover for the first year, usually priced at £60 a year. Their guaranteed 24-hour accident recovery service will also give you peace of mind. Read More on The Co-operative Car Insurance Review And Quote 2018»